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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garren Meets GrandPa

My father has been working at Saudi Arabia for almost 2   decades now.  He started working from other country when I was 13 years old.  From that time, i could still remember the feeling of sadness every time there's an occasion to celebrate and he is not present. Only phone calls and letters from him makes me smile.  He needs to work there to give us a comfortable life plus the fact that he is sending me and my brother to a private school.  He can only go home here once every 2 years but since his job really needs him, the two years sometimes became 4 years.  For the times that I haven't see and be with him, there's no enough words that could every describe how I misses him.  His absence made me love him much more. Its not easy for him to be away from his family esp from his children.   But I perfectly understands him. 

When my Garren was born, he is not there but I still feel his presence through a not stop cellphone calls just asking my condition and Garren's health.  Though my son, was not his 1st grandson, he made us feel that the feeling is just the same as the first time.  He loves all his grandsons.  Though. we keep on telling him that he should resigned from work and stay here in the Philippines, but he refused because he wants to give to all his grandsons  the things that he were not able to give us before.  Garren was already familiar with his voice because he would call everyday and talk to my son. I couldn't wait for the time that they will meet each other personally.  But the long wait is over, because finally after 3 years, his boss allowed him to take a 2 months vacation here.  We picked him up at the airport with my mother, my son and my two nephews.  I could clearly remembered the big smile on his face when he first saw and carry my son.  And I'm also super happy that Garren gets acquainted to him very easily.  Garren keeps smiling and hugging my father.  Its really a good grandpa and grandson's moment.  Now, I am looking forward on their bonding moments while he is here in the Philippines. 

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