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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Published Letter

One of my passion is reading parenting magazines because it help me a lot with regards on how to take care of my son.  And if I really love the current issue of a particular magazine, I cant help not to say something good.  And I usually express my thought for them through letters and send them via email.  

Last night, my husband bought me a copy of the Baby Magazines (Jan 2010 Issue), I was surprised that my letter was chosen to be published on their Reader's Feedbacks Section.  I was glad that they have acknowledge my opinions and thoughts.  I know that there's no corresponding prize for this one, but just giving a glance on my letter is more than enough.  As a reader, I will not get tired of sending letters and feedback because this is one o way of letting  them know what I feel and think about issues published in their magazines.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smart Communications, Inc.: Win a Valentine getaway when you tag SMART!

Smart Communications, Inc.: Win a Valentine getaway when you tag SMART!

Hi FB friends, Smart Communications, is giving away an overnight package to Sonya's Garden Bed & Breakfast, The Boutique or T House to three (3) Yes, three lucky FB fans.  

This is so simple, you only need to do this task;

  1. Be a fan of @Smart Communications, Inc. Facebook page

  2. Post your fave toe-curling, chest-thumping love quote or message on your FB status, tag a friend in that message (make sure you place the @ sign before your friend's name so he/she gets tagged properly), then tag @Smart Communications, Inc. at the end of your status. For example:

    You know that I won't last a day without you @Friend's Name! @Smart Communications, Inc.

  3. For your post to successfully appear on Smart’s page, the link has to turn BLUE while you’re typing out the name. Please ensure your account settings allow your links/post to be viewable. A successful post will appear in Smart’s Facebook homepage. When we click on the “View Post” option on Smart's page, it should link back to your own status message (time and date should reflect the same).

  4. Check if your name appears on the list of participants in the Smart FB page. If you still can’t find your name on this list (or even on the wall) you have 48 hours to message the admin so we can double-check your entry.

  5. Each fan can have two posts/entries per day.

Winners will be randomly drawn on February 8, 2010. Announcement of winners is on February 9, 2010.  Smart Communications will send a Direct Message to the winners for claiming and other instructions.

So, hurry now! Share your loving thoughts now and get the chance to win! 

Monday, January 25, 2010


Welcome to the blogger's world.  Now, i can say that I am officially a member of those people who loves blogging.  Its been quite sometime since I planned to have my own blogger account.  And my plan becomes a reality, though a little late.  As the saying goes "Its  better late than never"

And as an introduction, please let  me share with you some information about me.  

My full name is Mary Ann Fadre-Galuza, a 30-year old woman married to a very loving, responsible and dedicated man, Mr. Ogie Galuza.  And a happy mommy of a very cute little boy Ohdrei Garren.   I am an Industrial Engineering graduate from Mapua Institute of Technology.  Fortunately, I was able to work from several reputable companies for almost seven years.  Now, I am very proud to say that I am a full-time mother to my son and a full-time wife to my hubby.  Aside from surfing the net, what I love doing are baking, cooking, reading parenting magazines and books, facebooking and joining online and offline contests and promos.

I hope that through blogging, I can earn not only money but more of friends who will follow me from time to time.  Friends and followers that will learn something from my blogs.  I hope that through blogging, I can touch others life to do good and be good.  I hope that through blogging, I can also learn some important life's lessons.

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