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Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am Back

Wheeeeehh! It seems that this is my first blog post again.  I was not able to write and even visit my blogs for almost a month.  Last month has been a very busy month for me.   Isn't it obvious that I only have one post last May.  And its about the meet-ups of my father and my son.  Well, its also the reason that I was not able to be active in the blog sphere for quite a couple of  weeks.  My attention has been focused to my father and my son.  I was very happy because after almost 3 years, my papa was able to go home and take a couple of months staying here in the country.  And I want to have and make the most out of it.  From morning till evening, I am busy cooking and baking in the kitchen.  Because my father loves to eat especially porky and meaty dishes.  Because that what he was deprived to eat at Saudi Arabia.  I have been busy cooking and preparing all the foods that he craves to taste. 

Garren also loves the presence of his lolo.  Every afternoon, they would go to the supermarket and just roam around inside. A great bonding moment of  a grandfather and grandson.  But the joy would soon be over because less than a month from now, my father will go back to Saudi for work again.  And it will take another 3 years or more before they would see each other again personally.

But on the lighter side of it, I will have an ample time again in updating my blogs. Honestly. i really missed this stuff. Because writing and reading blogs are my "ME" time. I got to enjoyed and be inspired reading fellow blogger s posts.  In almost a month of not blogging, I felt that I've missed a lot from reading the beautiful stories of my online friends up to joining into different online contest.  Now that I am back, the first thing that I will do after writing this post is to visit all my favorite blog sites.  

Welcoming myself again to the blogging world....
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