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Friday, February 26, 2010

I am a Beautiful Blogger and So Are YOU


It has been almost two months since I have started blogging.  And yes, two people thinks that I am beautiful.
Mommy Czaroma and Mommy AC, gave this Beautiful Blogger Award to me. Thank you very much for including me on your lists.  It's indeed a milestone for me since this is my first award.

There are some rules that's needed to be followed when receiving this award, and they are:
  • Thank & link to the person that gave you the award.
  • Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic.
  • Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won.
  • State 7 things about yourself.
I am done with the first rule, now it's my chance to pass this award to other beautiful bloggers.  Here's my random lists:
Seven Things About Me:
  •  I love cooking and baking though I am not a professional one.  This serves as my therapy every time I'm stress.  I can be in the kitchen forever without any complaints.
  • Dark chocolates is my weakness.
  • I am not a fight starter but would not run from one if provoke.
  • At mg age, I still don't know how to swim and how to ride a bicycle
  • I hate cockroaches, give me one if you want me to die.
  • I am not a sporty nor an outdoor person.  I just prefer to stay at home to watch t.v's and surf the net
  •  I am CERTIFIED Stage Mommy to my one and only son, Garren

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Life @31

I had celebrated my 31st birthday yesterday.  OMG, i am 1 year older again, hope a year wiser too.  But one thing I am sure about that I am not only  feeling a year of additional happiness but instead a million of joy and happiness because of my son and husband.  12midnight of yesterday, when my husband got to surprise me with my favorite chocolate cake and a candle on it. He was singing a "happy birthday song", then he gave me a very nice shirt with Garren's picture on it and has a caption I love you mommy. Then early morning, when my son woke up, he gave me a sweet birthday kiss, without me even saying him to kiss me.  Then late afternoon, when I have decided to cook carbonara and baked chicken wings, our family's favorite.  After cooking, I brought Garren and his two nephews in a mall to enjoy playing.  Then, dinner afterwards.We just have celebrated my natal day in a simple way.  But the love and joy I have felt is immeasurable.  Thank you to all my friends way back highschool and college, former offiicemates, relatives, kumare and kumpare, new found online friends and to all stage mommies who took time to greet me.
But most of all, thank you to my husband and my son Garren, for making my life worth living.  The two of you are my inspirations on becoming a much better person everyday.  I always pray to God to please give me more years of life because I still want to show to the two of you how lucky I am of having you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Garren turns 15-months old Today

Today, my beloved son turned a month older.  It may not be celebrated as extravagant as his 1st birthday but still for me, its an important milestone.  It's been 15 months of joy and happiness, he is bringing into our lives.  To mark this day, I am listing below his milestones and achievements.

Physical Development
  •   His very keen on trying different ways of moving.  He climbs the stairs very fast, run outside our house and non-stop jumping from one place to another.
  • He is very good on pulling things off the shelves like the Cd's, books and anything that within his reach.
  • He is good in imitating others.  
  • Knows how and where to use certain things and gadgets like cellphones, lipsticks, comb, hairbrush, cottonbuds, remote control, spoon and forks.
  • Use of hands and fingers are improving.  Knows how to use his crayons and turn the pages of his book.
  • He also loves playing his shape-sorter toy.  Can already distinguish the round shape from an oval shape.
Cognitive and Mental Development
  • He can follow simple instructions, like "get your book". "read your book", "drink your water", He can turn on and off the tv and electric fan if you ask him.
  • He can understands the meaning of "No," "look," "Come here," "show me" and "give me"
  • He loves to read books most especially the colored-ones.
  • Hooked in pretend playing such as closing his eyes to pretend that he is sleeping, sounding "huhuhu"as if he is crying.
Emotional and Behavioral Development
  • It seems that the attention we are giving him are still not enough.  He always wants to be the center of anyone.
  • Experiments which behavior  of him will get the desired effect on other people.
For some, these milestones of my son maybe too late or too fast compare to other children his age but for me, still these are an achievements that need to be treasured and be-proud of.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free-Spirits Couple

  I don't believed in destiny not until I met this man, named Orlando "Ogz" Galuza.  We first met May 23, 2005 in a mountaineering event.  I am not a mountaineer nor I love mountains especially the heat of the sun. We have met through my former boyfriend.  It was month of May 2005, when my boyfriend back then, asked me to join a climb for a cause in Benguet province.  The project was called "Big Brother, Big Sister (BBBS)".  This aimed to donate books and school supplies for the less fortunate children in Mountain Province.  But aside from donating cash, the challenge is to bring all the book and school supplies to the students that are located on top of the mountain.  We have to walk long hours just to reach them.  Since, I was invited by my boyfriend (now my ex), I decided to join despite of the fact that it will be physically dehydrating and exhausting.  There I met him, and found out that  Ogz is the founder of the said project.  I don't even gave a second glance at him  because I already had a boyfriend by that time and it happened to be his friend.  But because Ogz is a friend of my boyfriend, I got acquainted with him and share some conversation with him.  But still no spark because I am dead over heels in love with my boyfriend then.  The climb ended and we go back to Manila, without me noticing, Ogz and I are exchanging emails and text messages.  That's the start of our closeness.  I even went watching a movie with him without my boyfriend knowing it.  A month after that, I found myself talking to my boyfriend and asking him to call it quits.  I want to broke up with him.  He asked me why then I told him the whole story, my former boyfriend is so angry because of all people its his friend I am start loving.  But love really conquers all, I accepted Ogz to be my boyfriend even if we knew that his friends and barkadas are all against me.   From that time on, we shared a lot of moments together.  I am not an outdoor person but because of him, I have tried to be one.  He really makes me feel so very special every day.  We are enjoying every  ent that we are together.  But still, we have not forgotten to iron out everything between his friends and me.  Now, I can say that everything is so much okay.  July 24, 2008 when we finally tied the knot.  Now, we have a 15-months old baby boy.  And as days, months passes by our love for each other became stronger and stronger.    And we are truly a free-spirited couple because we fought for our love no matter how hard it is.  And now as the saying goes, we lived happily ever after.


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Win a "Lunch Box" with containers

One of the things that I love doing is to cook for my family and friends.  My husband appreciate it very much every time I cooked lunch for him and bring it to his office.  This giveaway from Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls will be very helpful for me since, there will be no-hassle anymore in packing the food for my husband. 

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Win a Kidz Gear Headphones

My son loves listening to music.  It is her hobby that every time he wants to dance and hear a song, he would grabbed my cellphone and put this on his ears.  But since, he is still very young, he has a hard time putting the earphones.  I know that he would appreciate this headphones from Kidz Gear.  Thanks to Karen of Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls for this giveaway.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope to win this headphones.

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Win Php5000 worth of Fully Booked Gift Certificates

One of my hobby during my quiet time is to read books.  Especially those about parenting, kids, babies and family.  I really saved a portion of my money to buy books that I want.  Fortunate enough that Anything and Everything's Free has its online promo for book addicts. And if I am lucky enough, I will have a chance to win Php5k worth of GC's from Fully Booked.

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Cutest Star in Red

 It is really my passion as a mommy to join my one and only beloved son on any contest both in magazines and internet.  For this month of February, Ohdrei Garren Galuza is one of the candidates for the Cutest Star in Red for Kids and Babies.  And as a "stage mommy", campaigning for my son is what makes me very busy every time I am online. I need to earn lots of points through the help of my friends.  Because every comment and thumbs-up they give for my son means a certain number of point which later on I will use for voting.  But before they could comment, to be a FAN of Kids and Babies is needed.   So please, my dearest friends and followers, I need your help for my baby.  Let's GIVE ONE KB CLAP AND ONE KB VOTE to OHDREI GARREN GALUZA.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Face Painting Experience

Yesterday, the school where my two nephews are studying celebrated their foundation day.  Its a day with full of fun and surprises for the students, parents and visitors.  My baby Garren went very early to see the openning ceremony of the said program.  My son enjoyed watching his two cousins dancing to the tune of "Nobody" and "BoomBoom Pow".  I even accompanied my nephews in joining parlor games.  But for me the funniest and most exciting experience for me is when I bought my Garren to the Face painting booth.  I requested one of the student in-charged to face-paint my baby.  I just chose the easiest design because knowing my baby, he is too "makulit" and won't sit for a long period of time.  I was busy holding him while his grandma is busy taking picture of him.  At first, Garren is not at ease and puzzled what's the guy doing on his face.  But a few minutes more, he is very busy playing with crayon paint.   The whole process lasted for 30-minutes, it might not be a perfect painting but for me its a nice experience for my lovable Garren.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Win a "Monthly Bill Organizer"

Are you an OC mommy?  Do you want that everything should be in an organized manner?  Well, if yes, this giveaway is really for you.  Timeless Journey is giving away this super nice organizer.  I really loved this one since I am a mommy and I want everything in our household be organized up to the single billing that I am receiving every month.  So, what are you waiting for, kindly click here for more contest details.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Win Belle DeJour Planner and Gift Certificates

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A Date with Donuts

Valentine's day is coming.  All of us, single or not wants to celebrate this special day  with our family, friends and love-ones. Every year we want it to be different and extraordinary.  Why don't you try to celebrate it with a yummy and delicious donuts.  Share a bite with your hubby or friends.  Go Nuts Donuts wants to treat you and your love one a romantic date this Valentine's Day.  So, what are you waiting for, take your luck and be one of the lucky winner.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happiness and Sadness of Motherhood

I am sad every time I hear my baby's crying
     I am happy when I was able to make him stop

I am sad when my baby wants something from me, and I was not able to give it
     I am happy if I do understands what he wants me to do for him

I am sad if my baby got hurt
     I am happy if I ease his pain

I am sad when my baby has his tantrums
     I am happy when he calms down and smile again

I am sad during the times he is sick
     I am happy  if he recovers and face another energetic day

I am sad if he shouts on me without me understanding why
     I am happy when he goes to me and give me a kiss

I am sad when he is sad
     I am happy when he is happy.

Motherhood is truly a roller-coaster ride for me  There were times that I want to scream especially if I really don't know what to do.  But most of the time, I just want to smile just knowing that my son  is having a great time.  Being a mother allows me to be a totally renewed person.  Something that I never expected that I'll become.  It gives me hope that tomorrow will be a much better day than today.  It gives me courage to fight for my son's welfare.  Motherhood makes me a better person each day.  That's why every time I feel sad, I will just look at my son and it will make me smile. Then Happiness will lives into my heart.

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