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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free-Spirits Couple

  I don't believed in destiny not until I met this man, named Orlando "Ogz" Galuza.  We first met May 23, 2005 in a mountaineering event.  I am not a mountaineer nor I love mountains especially the heat of the sun. We have met through my former boyfriend.  It was month of May 2005, when my boyfriend back then, asked me to join a climb for a cause in Benguet province.  The project was called "Big Brother, Big Sister (BBBS)".  This aimed to donate books and school supplies for the less fortunate children in Mountain Province.  But aside from donating cash, the challenge is to bring all the book and school supplies to the students that are located on top of the mountain.  We have to walk long hours just to reach them.  Since, I was invited by my boyfriend (now my ex), I decided to join despite of the fact that it will be physically dehydrating and exhausting.  There I met him, and found out that  Ogz is the founder of the said project.  I don't even gave a second glance at him  because I already had a boyfriend by that time and it happened to be his friend.  But because Ogz is a friend of my boyfriend, I got acquainted with him and share some conversation with him.  But still no spark because I am dead over heels in love with my boyfriend then.  The climb ended and we go back to Manila, without me noticing, Ogz and I are exchanging emails and text messages.  That's the start of our closeness.  I even went watching a movie with him without my boyfriend knowing it.  A month after that, I found myself talking to my boyfriend and asking him to call it quits.  I want to broke up with him.  He asked me why then I told him the whole story, my former boyfriend is so angry because of all people its his friend I am start loving.  But love really conquers all, I accepted Ogz to be my boyfriend even if we knew that his friends and barkadas are all against me.   From that time on, we shared a lot of moments together.  I am not an outdoor person but because of him, I have tried to be one.  He really makes me feel so very special every day.  We are enjoying every  ent that we are together.  But still, we have not forgotten to iron out everything between his friends and me.  Now, I can say that everything is so much okay.  July 24, 2008 when we finally tied the knot.  Now, we have a 15-months old baby boy.  And as days, months passes by our love for each other became stronger and stronger.    And we are truly a free-spirited couple because we fought for our love no matter how hard it is.  And now as the saying goes, we lived happily ever after.


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  1. haha mare, natuwa naman ako sa lovestory nyo... may slight similarity lang naman with mine :) pero buti na lang nagjoin ka sa mountaineering project na yan!

    keep writing... goodluck rin dito sa entry mo!

  2. great photo i hope you update your blog, i think this is my first time here


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