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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Face Painting Experience

Yesterday, the school where my two nephews are studying celebrated their foundation day.  Its a day with full of fun and surprises for the students, parents and visitors.  My baby Garren went very early to see the openning ceremony of the said program.  My son enjoyed watching his two cousins dancing to the tune of "Nobody" and "BoomBoom Pow".  I even accompanied my nephews in joining parlor games.  But for me the funniest and most exciting experience for me is when I bought my Garren to the Face painting booth.  I requested one of the student in-charged to face-paint my baby.  I just chose the easiest design because knowing my baby, he is too "makulit" and won't sit for a long period of time.  I was busy holding him while his grandma is busy taking picture of him.  At first, Garren is not at ease and puzzled what's the guy doing on his face.  But a few minutes more, he is very busy playing with crayon paint.   The whole process lasted for 30-minutes, it might not be a perfect painting but for me its a nice experience for my lovable Garren.


  1. Cute! How old is Garren? Thanks for following my blog by the way.

    Lots of love,

  2. oh thanks! he's 14 months old. he's really our angel. thanks also for following.

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