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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cutest Star in Red

 It is really my passion as a mommy to join my one and only beloved son on any contest both in magazines and internet.  For this month of February, Ohdrei Garren Galuza is one of the candidates for the Cutest Star in Red for Kids and Babies.  And as a "stage mommy", campaigning for my son is what makes me very busy every time I am online. I need to earn lots of points through the help of my friends.  Because every comment and thumbs-up they give for my son means a certain number of point which later on I will use for voting.  But before they could comment, to be a FAN of Kids and Babies is needed.   So please, my dearest friends and followers, I need your help for my baby.  Let's GIVE ONE KB CLAP AND ONE KB VOTE to OHDREI GARREN GALUZA.

click here to be a fan of Kids and Babies
go to this link to comment for my Garren


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