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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Garren turns 15-months old Today

Today, my beloved son turned a month older.  It may not be celebrated as extravagant as his 1st birthday but still for me, its an important milestone.  It's been 15 months of joy and happiness, he is bringing into our lives.  To mark this day, I am listing below his milestones and achievements.

Physical Development
  •   His very keen on trying different ways of moving.  He climbs the stairs very fast, run outside our house and non-stop jumping from one place to another.
  • He is very good on pulling things off the shelves like the Cd's, books and anything that within his reach.
  • He is good in imitating others.  
  • Knows how and where to use certain things and gadgets like cellphones, lipsticks, comb, hairbrush, cottonbuds, remote control, spoon and forks.
  • Use of hands and fingers are improving.  Knows how to use his crayons and turn the pages of his book.
  • He also loves playing his shape-sorter toy.  Can already distinguish the round shape from an oval shape.
Cognitive and Mental Development
  • He can follow simple instructions, like "get your book". "read your book", "drink your water", He can turn on and off the tv and electric fan if you ask him.
  • He can understands the meaning of "No," "look," "Come here," "show me" and "give me"
  • He loves to read books most especially the colored-ones.
  • Hooked in pretend playing such as closing his eyes to pretend that he is sleeping, sounding "huhuhu"as if he is crying.
Emotional and Behavioral Development
  • It seems that the attention we are giving him are still not enough.  He always wants to be the center of anyone.
  • Experiments which behavior  of him will get the desired effect on other people.
For some, these milestones of my son maybe too late or too fast compare to other children his age but for me, still these are an achievements that need to be treasured and be-proud of.


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