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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Published Letter

One of my passion is reading parenting magazines because it help me a lot with regards on how to take care of my son.  And if I really love the current issue of a particular magazine, I cant help not to say something good.  And I usually express my thought for them through letters and send them via email.  

Last night, my husband bought me a copy of the Baby Magazines (Jan 2010 Issue), I was surprised that my letter was chosen to be published on their Reader's Feedbacks Section.  I was glad that they have acknowledge my opinions and thoughts.  I know that there's no corresponding prize for this one, but just giving a glance on my letter is more than enough.  As a reader, I will not get tired of sending letters and feedback because this is one o way of letting  them know what I feel and think about issues published in their magazines.

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