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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

KBEE Happy

Last March 2010, Garren won in the Best Themed Photo Category from Kid and Babies contest.  He is wearing a racer outfit for the theme "My Star Loves Sports".  His prizes are Printable 8R certificate, 500 worth of Jollibee Gift Certificate and one JolliNation doll.  I picked his prize this afternoon at Trinoma Mall.  My son loves Jollibee very much.  He keeps on smiling every time he plays and embraces the Jolli doll.

Late this afternoon,  I brought him to Jollibee Fast Food near our place. We spent part of the GC's he won and of course we brought along with him his Jolli Doll.

This may not be a very big winning but for me this is one of the best.  Because my son enjoyed the contest and the prizes very much.  Seeing his face with a big smile is priceless for me.

Thank you Kids and Babies for this award...more to come for my son.  And thank you also to Sis Hanna Chan for meeting up with me to give the prize.


  1. Fun! Fun! Fun! Late man, congratulations pa rin! =)

  2. hi, congrats, congrats, i have an award for you.



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