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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Freebie Friday by Maver

February is one of my favorite month of the year.  Aside from Valentines Day, this is also my birthday month.  That's why we always have dual celebration and of course two gifts from my husband.  First, we have celebrated the Valentines Day in a simple but sweet way.  We just have a family dinner but before that we brought our son to a play pen as our Valentines gift for him.  Then, on my birthday last February 24, my hubby gave me a super yummy Chocolate Heaven Cake and a personalized shirt that has a picture of my son on it.  

Love month for us is just a simple celebration but still the memories are worth reminiscing every now and then.  And with our son, Garren it makes every month memorable to me.

And like me, Maver of GOSSIP Gehl has a fruitful month of February.  And to celebrate it with us, she is holding a Friday Freebie contest. Visit her blog for more contest details and have a chance to win this Melty Kiss.


This contest is until March 4, 2010.  Winner will be announced on the 5th of March, 2010.

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