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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

N3r3n First Ever Giveaway!”

In the celebration of reaching 50+ followers, My Life, My Thoughts will be having her first ever giveaway.  This will end up today, March 31, 2010 at midnight that's why I am taking my last chance to join.

3 Easy Steps to Enter
  • You must be a subscriber of  My life, My thoughts! as this giveaway is to say thank you to all the lovely people that  follows  or read her blog… Important Notice: Please sub only if you read her blog and if you like it – it’s really not fair to sub just for the giveaway. (Click here to subscribe.) or in the sidebar subscription box *Make sure you verify the email address you will use.
  • Write or re-post this in your blog, make sure it’s a separated post.  The title will be  “N3r3n first ever giveaway!”
  • Write ‘Enter Me’ into the comment of this blog post / followed by the link of the blog post you created / and your email add. (Please include all the info in one comment so Ina won’t be confused.) Thank you so much and Good luck!
                                                                   Example entry:
Enter me  Smile
blog post:
email add:

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