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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vegetable and Fruit Eater???

I know feeding our children is a major concern of all mothers like me.  And getting worst, if the child don't want to eat vegetables and fruits especially from toddler stage. Well, in my case this is  never been a problem.  My son, Garren loves to eat vegetables and fruits from 8 months old until now.  At his age, 15-months old, he eats all kinds of vegetables like "ampalaya" both fruits and leaves, malunggay, all kinds of green leafy vegetables, potatoes, carrots, sayote, it..he tasted it already.  My secrets are these....

  • I started to give pureed vegetables and fruits at 6 months old.
  • When Garren reached his 8 months, and the pediatrician told me that he can now eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits except eggplant and berries, I introduced to him little by little each and every variety of veggies and fruits.
  • I make sure that every meal includes veggies and fruits especially during lunch and dinner.
  • Every time we go and eat out...I always have a pack of any vegetable dish that I cooked before hand.
  • Since my son loves to eat, I offer different variety of dishes to him everyday.  I even search the net for this.
  • When he open the refrigerator, he will see washed tomatoes in the front section of ref so that he can grab and eat one if he wants.
  • Always teach by example.  I, myself is a vegetable and fruit eater.
But if these things doesn't work, just don't give up.  Your child may not want this for now but you can try and try all over again.  Don't ever push your child to eat vegetables and fruits if he is not ready.  Remember everything has its own time. Just wait for it patiently and who knows without even noticing it, your child will be the one asking you to serve him a kind of vegetable and fruit.  

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  1. cool! my little one also eats veggies.. even the pickled ones.. tastes sour, but she likes it! :D


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