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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Realization

In my previous blog about Outfit Hunting, I have mentioned that most of my time were consumed in campaigning  for my son's entry at KB (Kids and Babies) contest.  It was at the end of the voting period when I have decided to pursue and give everything I can so that Garren can make it on the top 4.  This month's contest was really a tough and intense one.  All mommies and daddies are very determined to put their child and babies on top.  At the beginning of the contest early this month, I was not yet decided if I will use my points earned to vote for my son.  But as I have observed towards the end that I can fight simultaneously with the top 3 and top 4, for their votes is just more than a thousand and I have enough points to beat the said number of votes.  Though I have enough points, its not been easy for me to cast it for I only have 2 days to do it.  I even asked my husband's help for this. 2 more hours left before the voting period ends, I am happy that Garren is already on the top 4 but as the saying goes "expect the unexpected".  I was surprised that 30 minutes before the voting period ends Garren has been in the 5th rank.  I immediately asked favors and help from all the mommy friends  in KB.  And they've never failed me for they helped in casting votes for Garren using their hardly earned points. Then the voting period ends, its time to see the babies/kids who made it on the top 4. I am disappointed and very sad that my Garren didn't make it. 

I just stared in front of my computer's monitor for a few seconds for I can't accept and believed with the results of the contest. Then few more minutes after the announcement of the top 4, I received so many PM messages from fellow KB mommies saying that its okay and there's always a next time. Little by little I have started to accept and feel better.  I just thought that this contest made me realized that my love for my Garren is immeasurable and I will do everything for him. It never made me less of a mother because I was not able to put him on top but rather I was able to proved to him and to everyone that I am a mother with full of love in my heart for my son. I am also thankful for all the support of my KB mommy friends for casting their votes for Garren even up to the last minute of voting period.  I may not know them personally but it never been a reason for them to help me.  I was even touched when one mommy friend stopped voting for her own daughter in exchanged of voting for my son.  

My son may not made it on the top 4 but this is just a contest that soon will be over and forgotten.  What is important is because of this experienced I gain friends that I know ready to give their full support anytime even if I don't ask for it.  I would like to extend my deepest "Thank you" to all of you. And for my son, let me assure you that mommy is always and will always be here for you and will never stopped until you make it on the top.

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