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Friday, March 12, 2010

Yummy Cooking and Baking

One thing that I love to keep doing is cooking and baking.  I can proudly say that these two are my passion.  Every time that I am stress, i will just go to the kitchen and cook.  I can even stay in the kitchen forever without any complains.   I first start to love this hobby of mine when I was still in grade school.  My mother went to a baking and cooking lesson during that time.  And every time she went home, I will always check the copy of recipe she cooked and studied during that day.  I will even tried it myself without her supervision.  Without me noticing it, I am starting to learn the basic of cooking and baking.  If there's a family occasion, I am the one who is in-charged of preparing and cooking the menu.  Chocolate cakes, muffins, brownies, carbonara, spaghetti are just some of the foods that I love to make and are family's favorite.

When I become a mother, cooking for me is not just a chores that need to be done but a responsibility that I should master because my child's health is at stake.  From the day one that he was allowed to eat solid food until now that Garren is 15-months old...I make sure that I am the one and only person who makes and prepares his food everyday.  I even do some research about baby foods and nutrition.  I have a collections of magazines, articles and books about cooking and baking.  But still, for me its not enough.  I want more and more copies of delicious and yummy recipes.  This is the reason I am joining Animetric's Favorite Things Year 1.  She will giving away a lot of prizes from his favorite sponsors.  I want to grab the set of cookbooks from Yummy Magazine.  

You may visit her site to know the details of her contest.  This contest will run until March 15, 2010 only.  The lucky winners will be announced on the 18th of March.


  1. hi =) mukhang ang sasarap ng mga binake mo.. i wish i could bake also, parang napaka fulfilling lalo na kung masasarapan ang mga papakainin mo.. hanggang pancakes pa lang ako but of course, try ko din mag bake pag medyo confident na ko =) have a nice weekend dear =)

  2. waaah!!! i love baking too!!! di nga lang ako magaling.. hahaha!!! lalo na sa designing.. naku.. wala talaga.. di gifted ang aking hands.. i love yummy magazine too.. too bad I'm so far away to subscribe...goodluck on the contest!


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