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Friday, March 19, 2010

Outfit Hunting

Hello friends...I was not able to do blogging for a few days now because I have been very busy being a stage mommy to my little angel Garren.  I have been campaigning him on Facebook for the My Star Loves Sports Theme of KB (Kids and Babies). Then, we are on hunting mode for his outfit on the upcoming open photoshoot this coming March 21.  We have been an everyday visitors of malls for quite a few days now.  And its giving me a hard time buying him barongs and formal clothes because Garren really hates wearing clothes with sleeves what more long sleeves and ties.  But thank God that we did his outfit hunting with his two favorite cousins.  While I am fitting the clothes onto him, his two cousins keeps on playing with him that is why his attention was diverted.

First stop is at SM North Edsa Department store, Kids Section.  I have seen this Napoleon's black vest which is good for his polo and long-sleeves.  I have been able to fit this one that easy and no sweat at all.

After that, we had his necktie fitting.  OMG....this necktie really gives me a headache. Garren hated to wear this because he is very uncomfortable.  But still because I still wanted him to look good on the photoshoot, I insisted to buy him this Armando Caruso stripped necktie.  But for sure, i will be challenged to convince Garren to wear this on Sunday.

I love this Florsheim shoes because Garren loves it too.  Ever since we started buying him shoes., this is the only shoe brand that he likes wearing all the time.  No sweat at all when he tried this black shoes because he instantly get acquainted to it though this is his first time to wear this kind.

I really liked this Garfield Orange Polo that we bought in SM Valenzuela.  This is not too rugged nor too formal.  And I think Garren is very comfortable in wearing this one.  

Woooh...those clothes are still not enough for the photoshoot and we still need to look for some this coming Saturday.  But in addition with these, we also bought him a Barong Tagalog and black pants that he doesn't want to wear that's why no picture at all.  Just keeping my fingers crossed that I will still able to convince him to fit all of the clothes on March 21.

Special thank to my beloved mother (Garren grandma) for sponsoring all of these items.  You're really one of the best lola and we love you so much.

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